Chelsea Houska reveals her wedding plans

Chelsea Houska and her longtime boyfriend Cole DeBoer are now engaged. Unlike other starts of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea did not really rush into wedding or having more kids.

She instead focused on her acting career and raising Aubree. Now that Cole popped the question, they have become excited to plan the wedding ceremony.
In a Teen Mom 2 Q&A on Facebook, Chelsea told that she is really glad that she waited for someone so great and they did not settle before. She knew from the first time she saw him. Definitely know this is the real deal. She added that their friends and family believes that they are great and they have got a lot of support from them. She also cleared what Aubree calls Cole – it’s Coley or sometimes Coley Daddy. She loves him and they get along really well. Read more »

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Barry Manilow married manager Garry Kief, reports

Barry Manilow, the Copacabana legend, is reported to have tied the knot with his boyfriend Garry Kief. The seventy one year old showbiz man as well as his sixty six year old manager tied the knot at an intimate wedding ceremony that was attended by fifty guests.

Barry Manilow is believed to have surprised his marriage party after he had said him that he was asking them to a very special lunch session at his million dollar Palm Springs home in California. An insider told a leading entertainment website that it was a great surprise. When they came, it was a total surprise, and when they came, they were said that it was a wedding.

The source added that Barry has lived a secretive life and his wedding was no different. Garry and Barry did not tell their family members and close friends that the occasion was their marriage. It was a beautiful wedding and consummated their lifelong love affair.

There were reports that the couple were together for the pat thirty years. However, a spokesperson denied to comment anything regarding the whole story.

Victoria Varela told that they just do not comment on his client’s personal lives – that is all he is going to say regarding this. Read more »

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Stranger purchases wedding attire for cash-strapped bride-to-be

When Elizabeth Jensen finally she really could not afford a dream wedding attire, probably she did not expect to have a fairy tale ending.

When the twenty-one year old was praising the attire the dress at pop-up shop Elizabeth Cooper Designs in Provo in Utah, previous Friday, a bride-to-be and fellow shopper, who preferred to stay anonymous, offered to buy the attire for Jensen.

Speaking to a local television, the bridal store owner Carrie Ling told that she asked whether she is sure or not because this is not the norm. She added that she is  still flabbergasted. I does not know why she did it. Speaking to PEOPLE, Ling said that it is not very usual for a for a customer to walk out empty-handed, so she was shocked when she tried to help the anonymous lady pick out a dress and she instead told me that she wanted to help one of the five women in the store at the time.

She told Jensen that she wanted to serve her because she wanted to serve her because she was shopping alone, when other had company. Read more »

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World replies as the Cornwall police serve old man who pawned his wedding band for food

Help offers are pouring in at Cornwall police department from all around the world after the tale spread as how the officers purchased and returned a wedding band to an old man who had pawned it to purchase food for him and his ailing wife.

The event took place previous weekend when the Cornwall police were addressed to a report of a probable domestic assault. However, they found something else. Chief Dan Parkinson told that they saw an elderly couple who is struggling to survive.

They had been married for fifty-four years and wife was suffering from dementia. For the past few years, her husband is working as her caregiver. Read more »

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